The Language of Clothing: Part II

This installment of the Language of Clothing examines the different terminology of shoes.

English/Category Spanish Italian French Definition
Shoes Çapato Scarpe Chaussures
Pantofles Pantófole pantofles, slippers, chopines
Chapino Alcórque cork slipper or pantolfle
Chapin de Mugér a woman’s shoes, such as they use in Spain, mules or high corked shoes
Médiós Çapátos pattens with soles only, tied over the food with a latchet of leather
Zoccoletti little or low pattens, chopinos, startops or galashes of wood
Zóccoli wooden pattens, startops, galashes or chapinos, so called because they are made of a Zócco (a log, block, stock, stump, snag or shive of wood)
Zóccoli a Scácca Fáua a kind of galoshes or chopinoes, open in the midst, tied with ribbons, and close at the heels
To shod Scarpáre to shoe or put on shoes
Chausser to shoe, shod, serve, fit or furnish with shoes, also to hose, to put on, or fit with hose, (less properly) gloves
Chausseure/ Chaussure a hosing or shoing
Shoemaker/ Cobbler/ Cordwainer Chapinéro/ Çapatéro Scarpatóre shoemaker, a cordwainer
Zoccoláro a maker of startops, galashes, or wooden pattens
Shoemaker’s Shop or Street Chapinería/ Çapateria Scarparía the place where such shoes, pantofles, and slippers are shold, such as a shoemaker’s shop; a street or other place where shoes are made and sold, a shoe-street
Zocconáto [he or she] that weareth Zóccoli
Zoccoláre/ Zocconáre to go on wooden pattens, startops or galashes
Chapinázo beating with slippers


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